Fast-acting and Complete, with extinguishments capability within seconds via a combination of chemically based fire inhibition and cooling at the flame front. Extinguishing concentration is reached in seconds.Safe , Non Toxic and environmentally acceptable for sensitive equipment, FM-200 extinguishes fires by physically removing heat energy from the flame.FM-200 reacts quickly at at low concentrations to eliminate a fire. In normally occupied areas, people can breathe FM-200 at extinguishing concentrations without fearTo be the clean agent of the future, FM-200 had to have rapid and effective performance, be safe for occupied spaces and delicate equipment, and be environmentally friendly. The essential environmental consideration was for the product to have a zero ozone depletion potential.

  • Application Areas
    • Telecommunication Facilities
    • Computer Operations
    • Control Rooms
    • Shipboard (Marine) Systems
    • Rare Book Libraries
    • Universities and Museums
    • Art Galleries
    • Record & Storage Facilities
    • Petrochemical Installations
    • Pharmaceutical & Medical Facilities
    • Electronics and Data Processing Equipment