Vertical Type Indicator Post – LF-IP888


  • Indicates if the valve is in the OPEN or SHUT position.
  • Built in Gear drive reduces the torque necessary to open and shut large valve
  • the adjustable dimension “L” is 34.5″ to suit deeper buried valves. If more adjustments is required, specify at time of order.
  • The wrench handle fits over a “U” bracket on the barrel and may be fixed to the barrel with a padlock (provided by others) for security.
  • OPEN and SHUT targets can be easily adjusted to fit exactly in the viewing window.
  • Internally and externally spray epoxy painted RAL3000


Field Adjustments

  • Remove the top section of the upper barrel of the indicator post
  • Cut the stem to the required length and adjust the standpipe to match up the GROUND LINE
  • Set the OPEN and SHUT targets for the appropriate valve size
  • Re-attach the top section of the upper barrel f the indicator post.